Layout & Design:

Wayne Fehres (aka Danger Man) was responsible for the Layout, Design, & Graphics of the entire site. Everything was created using the following software - Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, & 3DStudio Max 2.5. It was necessary to use DHTML in some places to get the desired design of the site. Although this site is completely compatible with both IE & Netscape version 4.0 and above, it was OPTIMIZED for IE 5.0! If you want to see this site the way it was truly meant to be seen..please download the latest version of IE from Microsoft. A special thanks goes to Elvis for being the only beta tester of this new site while under development. Also, Defiant was responsible for most of the content on this site.

Note: Wayne Fehres is also the founder of Reliant Studios, who's site is currently under developement. Reliant Studios' services include 3D Modeling, 3D Renders, Animations, & Web Design. Carl Fehres (aka Defiant) offers programming services and web design with experience in CGI, PHP3, Visual Basic and MySQL database integration.

Defiant formed all the backend work used to develop the site. This included the new custom Elvis News System, the new Discussion Board and the Private Access T2K site. To accomplish many of the tasks we had in mind we required access to CGI. In addition there were many other tools available to us if we hosted our own site. We decided early on to build up our own Web Server.

New Web Server:
"Duckman" is based on Linux running Apache. Also installed on Duckman is Perl, PHP3 and MySQL. Most of you know what Perl is so I won't bore you. PHP3 is a relatively new server side scripting language. It's analogous to Microsoft's active server pages (ASP) but faster. The language is easy to learn and very powerful out of the box. MySQL is fast and powerful database.

Elvis News System:
Basically the News system consists of a few PHP3 scripts and a MySQL database. There are a 3 script files used to post, edit and delete entries into the database. There is one script that is used to view Elvis News. The page that comes up in your browser looks smells and tastes like HTML but is actually generated on the fly when your browser requests the page. The script pulls the required information out of the database and sends it to your browser all formated. You'll notice at the bottom of the news page a link to older and newer news. These links point back to the same exact PHP3 file but request news from different dates.

Elvis of course has big ideas for the future. We are already working on plans for the next version of Elvis News which will include a totally searchable database, indexes.. all kinds off neat stuff.

Discussion Board:
The new board is powered by the same system as our old board except it's now fully under our control. This allowed us to completely configure and customize the look and feel of the board. After the board was setup DangerMan created all new graphics and customized the board to match the rest of the site. We now have our private board password protected with the same look and feeling as our public board.

Future Work:
We've done the facelift but there is still much left to come including:

Flash Intro
Flash Members Page
Front Page News Poster System
Multiple Roster Pages with Poster System
New Calendars
Content for the Private Site
More data in Members Pages

Comments and Suggestions:
As always your comments and suggestions are very welcome. Let us know what you'd like to see on the site and what you'd like to see change. Dangerman and Defiant are also available for hire hehe 8-).