Membership in the T2K Clan is by invitation only.

Greetings, Stranger!! So you're curious about membership in the best clan around? Well, you've made an excellent choice!! The T2K clan is a close-knit group of devoted gamers. First and foremost in our quest to remain the best clan is gamesmanship. A T2Ker always portrays the best in attitude and honor, whenever and wherever playing. Our members range in age from the teens to those who are considering joining the AARP (for those of you who don't know what the AARP is, you will). Our members bring to the clan a wide diversity of backgrounds and technical experience. Therefore, the latest and greatest technical topics of interest are usually discussed and explored to provide the best gaming experience offered by industry today. Although we are very competitive, we play not only to better our own skills, but to also help others improve their skills. From time-to-time we scrimmage other clans and use this as an opportunity to improve our own strategies as well as to allow them to improve theirs.

Basic Requirements

1. Have fun!!

2. SPONSORSHIP!! Any request for membership must go through a member of the clan. Any direct requests to the clan message board will not be honored. (This represents a change in past procedures since such general requests ate up a lot of clan time.) A formal letter of intent to join should be sent to the sponsoring clan member stating your desire to join T2K. Also, some general bio information like name, age, fraggin' hardware, other interests besides Quake (and just general stuff about yourself), the reasons WHY you want to join T2K, and what do YOU have to offer to the clan.

3. Any one wishing to apply for membership should visit the servers frequented by our members. Get yourself noticed (however, pestering is not polite). If we deem you to be someone who will promote the proper attitude and contribute to the well-being of the clan, you will be given serious consideration. Potential candidates are required to have met and played all current clan members before the end of the voting period.

4. An important element of a top-notch clan is communication. All members of the clan need to stay "tuned in" to what's happening in the clan. This is accomplished using the ICQ program, visiting the clan public Discussion Board, calendar, and our Private Discussion Board for strategies or private clan matters. As the clan participates in more and more competitions, it is very important to check these areas in a routine basis. Nothing is more frustrating (and embarrassing) then to promote a top-notch clan where members don't show for scheduled matches. These are our primary means of communication, which are easily accessible, and free.

5. When possible, keep up your game. Prior to scheduled matches, we routinely have a practice or two to finalize any map strategies. We realize that outside interruptions (e.g., like work and family) do occur! :^) If you need to be inactive for awhile, for whatever reason, please inform someone so that we can plan accordingly. Uninformed inactivity is grounds for reviewing membership.

6. Anyone wearing the T2K emblem is asked not to play on another clan in the same mod, for obvious reasons. However, at this time, we allow members to join other clans playing in mods outside the clan mod.

7. Wear the T2K clan emblem proudly!